Friday, March 28, 2008

Learn, Guide and inspire.

'Come to the edge', he said.
They said, 'We are afraid.'
'Come to the edge', he said.
They came,
He pushed them...
and they flew.
- Guillaume Apollinaire

Everyone needs to be guided in some way. This is where the role of a teacher/mentor comes into play. He/She is a person who leads and inspires. Csm once told us, "treat your men well, but that doesn't mean means top class training. Your men are a reflection of yourself."

Jori takes so much pride as a officer and wants to work with recruits. Jun yi spot checks his men in camp. Yanbo trains his recruits with a smile. I could never really understand why, but i think i'm starting to see.

To lead and inspire.
To make them better than you ever can be...

OCTs and specs trainees having a hard life now.
piah abit and inspire.


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