Saturday, April 26, 2008

My rifle and my buddy and me.

One heck of a week I must say. It felt so short, yet so long at the same time. I managed to earn my first badge to put on my left shoulder on thursday. Got to try collect all these to decorate my uniform or it'll be super empty. Oh yeah...i'm course i/c next week even though i stand in for xuan yi for 2 days of last week already...not fair leh! How the heck to control 2 platoons of people? From nothing to section i/c and now ci/c...I'm quite tired. Thanks sham for helping me out when I really damn shack.

On a side note, James and his rented posh are quite a extreme case of first time drivers with 'wth' cars. Later crash ar...then your wallet will bleed 1 x good one. Poh also alerted me of Elsa being the new poster girl of's everywhere lah. How do they decide which of the 9 full pointers gets to be in the poster? I mean they are all quite good looking and smart...Next time must squeeze all in one picture lah...

Also did some paddling this morning and had the chance to meet Mr. Chian to tell him about updates and ask about some matters that came up during the week. He says i'm allowed to take part in SEACC and World marathon if i want to. SEACC seems a more likely target and it'll give jori and I more time to get our act together before we start trying to make the team again. Hopefully the things which i have made so many painful decisions for will start to come together like a giant jigsaw that is being put together...


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee- Muhammed Ali


Blogger cupid said...

actually the brand elsa is advertising for is new moon, not brand. but it looks very similar to brand coz it's all green in colour. I noticed it only on second look=P

12:40 AM  

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