Monday, May 19, 2008

A little man in a BIG world

Yesterday was quite special. Apart from the fact that I didn't have to worry about booking back in at night, the whole family had our belated mother's day celebration. As promised, we got onto the Flyer for a spin and it's quite an experience being so high up in the air with nothing more than pieces of metal to hold us up. We took photos and spent most of the 30min trip just enjoying the view. Everything's so small from up there, it's a pity that the trip was at 5pm and the weather was so hot that the air above Singapore looked quite dusty. I'll make a trip back some other time once the construction of the IR is complete and when the sky is darker. The atmosphere will be alot nicer...

Dinner was a buffet at Trader's Hotel. The food was pretty good but the variety was disappointing. SJ and I formed our gameplan for the night and the target was to survive our "10 course" meal, 3 of which are deserts :D At the end of the day, we barely survived...Not bad though...managed to try everything and also sneak back some cheese to bring to camp to eat :P It was a great night and we managed to catch up quite abit, I'm hoping for more gatherings (and food)hahaha.

Time for some photos?

Haha! I got you!

Good ole' Kallang

Capsules to leave the ground

Well I'm out of time now...Have fun!
Drills the whole week...argh...and why am I ci/c again!!! -.-


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