Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Olympics, Putrajaya and back to 'reality'

The olympics really does have a special effect on people. The entire office can just stop work at around 10am everyday just to rush to the TV in the rest room to watch phelps win his golds. Everything stops when lightning Bolt celebrates his way to the finish line and everyone groans when both US relay teams drop their batons in the heats. PM even interrupts his rally for table tennis silver! It's been 3 + weeks now and this event has finally ended. It's definitely one to remember.

Now that I'm back from putra, I'm trying hard to settle back into 'reality'. A life of waking up in a place 'far' from home and working in an office all the way till 5pm. Depending on the day, i may or may not leave that place to go home. Those 6days away felt really good both for the mind and body(remember working life doesn't have march,june,september,december hols). Though the races were maybe a 6.5 out of 10 marks, I think it's a very good experience. Not only racing experience, but also the experience of being away from home and living independently. The experience of being given a crappy situation and making the most out of it to succeed despite the conditions. Apart from this, we also had the chance to meet coach's brother's c2 partner, Mr Trifon. Last year he was World Championships semifinalist. Formerly bulgarian, he migrated to aussieland. We were quite impressed that he travelled all the way to putra just to race one c1 race. Now that's passion! Meeting him was like meeting coach again. They talk the same, they paddle...about the same. Both of them were once upon a time one of the fastest in the world.

Now that the trip is over... my leave balance screams a pathetic 3 days for the remaining 4 months. Hai...At least there's still 3 unclaimed OFF to make up for it a tiny bit.

Won't bother typing anymore. Some pics?

k2 1000m finals (Finish)

Derwin vs Trifon

Racing water

Finishing Tower

Olympics inspired Synco-Swimming Team(members names are unknown)


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