Monday, June 06, 2011

Dream log

I had this funny idea last night and I think I'll try a little experiment. You know how some people just can't remember their dreams? I was thinking that I'll try record mine down just like a log book. Just for fun. ( why is there no enter button for iPod) dream 1- I was at a swimming pool. The place was brightly lit, yellowish glow from the lights. By the looks of things, an indoor pool. I'm surrounded by these swimmer looking people, big and sporty looking and there's an old lady coach in a blue track suit walking around giving instructions. At first we all stand at the normal starting mark but as more people arrive, we are told to swim the breadth of the pool instead. I look around and start thinking to myself " shit I suck at swimming and these guys are gonna kick my ass". I start thinking of all sorts of excuses to get out off the place. The other people start getting into position by the pool and finally I decide I'm going to just give any excuse and not make a fool of myself infront of all these swimmers. So I walk towards the exit and give some excuse to the lady coach and leave. And I felt a feeling I feel at almost all real world swim trainings. Dread. - well, no surprise that was floating around my mind. I really had to go swimming when I woke up. Haha oh well. I'll get better at it hopefully.


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