Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let your indulgence set me free!

Taking a break from shakespeare right now. Got a 1k assignment to write up on the tempest and i'll get started on that in just abit :P
You know paddling at kallang does have its benefits? I didnt need to visit a river to do the river habitat survey for Geog because i can safely say i know the whole kallang river by heart! Also managed to finish microbes ppt yesterday night when i decided to burn the midnight oil. My group decided that HFMD was a great idea and i spent the whole night trying to make my part entertaining with weird videos and stuff. will probably look for more before the next meeting.

Also had a pretrial timetrial yesterday. Used the new rotafix seat and i think i really like it? Its like the same shape as the rotating seat but is fixed so its good for my bones that are already dead. Hit 4.10 for 1000m and 40.40 for the 200. Still needs some fine tuning in both distances and i need to learn to relax abit more during the 1000.

I'm really looking forward to racing next year. Guys will have a really strong team :)

ok back to work....


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