Friday, November 14, 2008

Only Time will tell.

Now, how should I start this.

The week started with replies from what seems like a million miles and many time zones away. Some emails brought good news, others not so good news. As for the good news, I managed to get a place in UCL for pure econs and another for econs and stats. I'm kind of glad, but I'll see how things go in the next few months before coming to a decision. My dad sure did make studying overseas sound alot more fun than staying here, but my decision will be based on the economy and maybe some other factors that may pop up along the way. I also recently got an email from Mr. Trifon! Pretty cool eh? He asked us to contact him if we decide to go take part in the aussie champs. But yes, all these depend on PRECIOUS LEAVE and form. As for the bad news, LSE rejected me flat! I'm not what they're looking for I guess, ah well. It was worth a try...

Our new coach also arrived over the weekend. Coach Balaz Babella. He's pretty famous actually, winning the world and european k4 200m championships twice. He went to beijing as a reserve and it's fantastic that he's here to teach us and hopefully bring us up to the world stage. Suddenly, the team's organised again and motivation is finally high. There's still so much to learn from him to improve our individual ability. Nice to meet you coach!

As for tomorrow, there's a timetrial for SEACC. It's quite stressful actually. Only the top boat will qualify for the team. Hopefully Jori and myself will be able to pull something special out of the bag tomorrow...we're actually quite worried.

Oh well,
Tough times don't last, tough men do.

-by a great man.


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